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Swiss win Alpine Team Event

Alpine Team Event results

PyeongChang 2018

Olympic news: Swiss take last ski medal of the the Games

Switzerland saw off arch-rivals, Austria, to win the first ever Alpine Team Event at the Olympic Games. In the small final, Norway beat France on time to clinch Bronze.

The Alpine Team Event was the last ski competition of the 2018 PyeongChang Games. It’s been quite a ride and we’re sad to see the Games end . . . though I guess it’ll be quite nice to start going to bed before 7am CET ;).


Big Final

Austria 1-3 Switzerland

Small Final

Norway (Won by time) 2-2 France


Austria 3-1 Norway
France 1-3 Switzerland


Austria 4-0 Sweden
Great Britain 2-2 Norway (Qualified by time)
Italy 1-3 France
Germany 2-2 Switzerland (Qualified by time)

1/8 Finals

Austria 4-0 South Korea
Sweden 3-1 Slovenia
United States 2-2 Great Britain (Qualified by time)
Norway 4-0 Olympic Athletes from Russia
Italy 3-1 Czech Republic
France (Qualified by time) 2-2 Canada
Germany (Qualified by time) 2-2 Slovakia
Switzerland 4-0 Hungary